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Get a brilliant website!

Do you wear sleezy sweatpants and forget to take a shower before an important client meeting?

Hopefully you don't! And that is why you shouldn't let your website look out of date either. If you do - Clients and Customers will most likely go with a competitor instead. Improve your conversion rate today - with a better website!

Invest to be seen one day in the local papers, or years on the web! I will help you reach your market!

You need to reach a certain market and you also want search engines to find and rank you as high as possible. Not only is the content and titles of your website important. Today, the quality of the code behind your website as well as its speed are important factors for succeeding. I always stay up to date with the latest technology and changes to be able to help you succeed!

Start earning more money, by doing what you do best and hire me to do what i do best!

There are many things to consider when creating your web presence. You need social media accounts, emails, hosting, domain names and a website. Once you got it up and running you may find it hard to update it all. Well, you got me and my friends! Contact me!

Hello, my name is Tyson..

And that bald guy is my assistant - William Åström.

From a yellow house in the snowy parts of Sweden, in a city by the name of Östersund - we create totally rad websites and businesses!

Östersund is known for the home of many cross country skiers. But it's most famous because of our sea monster - Storsjöodjuret!

William has a degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University, but is mostly self-taught. He has been working the web since the mid 90's and master front-end development as well as backend. William is a developer with experience in design.

Me - i am white, fluffy, and sporting lovely blueish eyes with a stylish pink nose. I bring harmony and creativity and i make sure every website become catastic and perfcat!

A couple of my clients

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Great! Let's take that step into the future!

How much does a website cost?

This is hard to say. It all comes down to your needs. Describe your project and send it along. I will review it and get back to you within 48 hours.

Minimum budget for creating a responsive website is USD 2.500.

Hosting, Email and how does it all work?

Don't worry about it! Just hire me and i will set it all up for you!