Beautiful designs, deserve beautiful code!

I’m William Åström. Who am I? I guess you could call me a translator. Most of my adult life has been spent translating images into meaningful code, applying design aesthetics to back-end development and coding for the web.

Based in Östersund, my girlfriend and I split our time between working in the vibrant city, and retreating to our log cabin in the mountains with our cats.

Together, we run Pixney, a Digital Agency that works directly with leading European brands, and partners international design agencies on global projects. Together, we create bespoke, responsive, design-led digital solutions that are the perfect blend of function and form.

I’m fascinated by the science behind beauty.

The numbers and relationships that turn the seemingly abstract into something measurable and manageable. It’s a fascination that led to me becoming a professional poker player, financing my education by beating the odds. Now, coding for design is my passion, helping fellow designers by painstakingly bringing their vision to life online in a way that feels natural and intuitive.

My way of working

My day begins with an inspiring stroll, perhaps even a ride on my snowmobile, followed by a coffee to get the creativity going.

I developed my first website back in 1996, and after honing my craft as much as I could on my own, embarked on a course in user-centric design and software engineering at Uppsala University, one of the oldest universities in Sweden.

While I’m a skilled backend developer, I have a strong design aesthetic, so when it comes to translating web designs created in photoshop, I’m all about the details. From ensuring pages are fast-loading and responsive, displaying well on multiple devices, to giving them that little extra love that enables great design to sing online.

Technology changes fast. But I know the importance of staying up to date to best-serve a client’s needs. That’s why I don’t simply tweak cms templates when I get a new project, I create bespoke platforms, giving clients and designers maximum flexibility to achieve the performance, and aesthetic, they desire. I’ve built services like mentor by lawyers , avida local , sleepshack all from scratch, using accessible, semantic coding practices.

How can I help you?

I’m lucky enough to be able to work to my own schedule, and embrace the freedom my work brings. It means I can work from anywhere, and choose to partner with people on projects I genuinely care about.

I love the challenge of new projects, travelling, and the chance to work with clients who can give me a whole new perspective on the world. Whatever kind of organisation you work for, if you’ve got a project, get in touch. I’ll do all I can to help you bring your vision to life, beautifully.