Experienced Full Stack Developer from Sweden

Who am I? I’m William Åström. I guess you could call me a translator. Most of my adult life has been spent translating images into meaningful code, applying design aesthetics to back-end development and coding for the web.

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Östersund is the city i live in, close to Åre which you might know if you are interested in downhill skiing. It's located in the middle parts of Sweden.

Many would say the northern parts, but it is seriously not. Sometimes i wish it was though, being able to enjoy polar nights!

Let's ski doo it!

Search engine optimisation

The reason this section was added is to give you a little information about where i am located to make sure we align our meetings accordingly if you are located in Australia, Cape Town or in Los Angeles!

However, since most of my clients come from other countries than Sweden, i would like to increase my potential to also work with local customers. That's mainly why this section exists — to be able to link to a pretty worthless page about Östersund and Åre just to increase my seo locally.

Web developer in Östersund and Åre

Web developer

It means i develop things on the web, just like the responsive and mobile friendly website you are currently visiting. Or it could be the next start-up to dominate the world. I am able to make your digital dreams come true!

I get the job done, on time, with quality!

My day begins with an inspiring stroll, perhaps even a ride on my snowmobile, followed by a coffee to get the creativity going.

I developed my first website back in 1996, and after honing my craft as much as I could on my own, embarked on a course in user-centric design and software engineering at Uppsala University, the oldest University in Sweden.

While I’m a skilled backend developer, I have a strong design aesthetic, so when it comes to translating web designs created in tools like photoshop or figma, I’m all about the details. From ensuring pages are fast-loading and responsive, displaying well on multiple devices, to giving them that little extra love that enables great design to sing online.

Technology changes fast. But I know the importance of staying up to date to best-serve a client’s needs. That’s why I don’t simply tweak cms templates when I get a new project, I create bespoke platforms, giving clients and designers maximum flexibility to achieve the performance, and aesthetic, they desire.

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