I develop professional and search engine friendly websites from my cabin in northern Sweden to clients all over the Universe!

Trusted and Experienced Swedish Web Developer

" William, a developer based in Sweden we love working with. He has superpowers when it comes to the art of coding and is always up for a challenging brief. "

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Uppsala University

Nordic Blade Technology Network is an Uppsala University research project. When i designed and developed this website, it was one of the first Swedish responsive websites. And the parallax effect was a new thing.

Stargym Challenge

Stargym, Mix Megapol and ExpoNorr arrange a yearly obsticle course in Östersund Sweden. As part of Pixney, we designed and developed their website with a payment system using stripe.

Taxi Kurir

TaxiKurir is Scandinavia's largest Taxi Organisations. I designed and developed an intranet using Laravel for their PBX in cities all over Sweden: Ludvika, Gävle, Eskilstuna, Örebro och Uppsala.


The World´s smallest pocket sized fuel cell charger. Their website is running on Shopify Ecommerce System.

Universal Favourite

A design studio in Sydney Australia. They provided design and i developed their website.

Samso Feriehus

Another design project for the Danish company Booking Studio.

Navia Law

Navia Law is a Swedish law firm that provides legal services to Swedish and international clients doing business in Sweden, with special focus on the Life Sciences and IT/Internet sectors.

Mats Larsson

The Swedish cross country sprint coach needed a basic and simple CV website.


Another vacation home website design created on behalf of BookingStudio in Denmark.


A css and html theme created on behalf of BookingStudio in Denmark.

William Åström Swedish fullstack developer

The 1980's

Started out in the basement with a Commodore C128. Good old times. Loved them and miss them a lot. If i could, i would go back and freeze time.

At this time in history, you still enjoyed outdoor activities as a child. Computers were not a common household item. My friend Stephan and I had computers and shared a lot of games. Another friend, Oscar, did not yet own a computer but he came around and enjoyed a game of Ghosts'n'Goblins every now and then.

The 1990's

Atari vs Amiga. I finally had them both. I was most active on the Atari Scene though. Oscar was the first to have an Atari, and that's the main reason why i also got one. Things we got involved with should not be spoken about. I created a lot o graphics like fonts. Oscar did too, but got more and more involved with music. I blame it all on Nirvana. He shared his music interest with Stephan who was en excellent guitarrist.

Started using internet 1992 or 1993. Did my first website around 1995...


Forgot computers, Hit the gym, Started boxing, Worked as a bouncer, found my girlfriend. Lost my dad to cancer, fuck cancer!

2005 - 2009

Got tired of working as a bouncer and moved to Uppsala to Study Computer Science. Wrapped up the studies in 07. Earned my living as a professional poker player.

Earning some extra cash selling mp3 players i developed my first ecommerce with JSP or ASP (can't remember). Using Payson payment system. Other then that, i did not really work with web a lot during these years.


Started my company in 2010 and instead of being a professional poker player, i now became a professional web designer and developer.

During the years to follow i found Laravel, Modx and other great tools. I built and designed my first responsive website for Uppsala University in 2013.

In 2013 i started Pixney to be able to work under a better name. Business has been great and unfortunately we haven't had time to work on the website that much. This will change in 2016 since Emma joined our our team in 2015 and is now a full time project manager and front end developer.

The Future

The future is looking better than ever! This year we are looking to release our own booking application later as well as a new version of our pantyhose on subscription service.

Hire me for website or web application work.

Websites normally start at USD 3.000 and web applications from USD 10.000.

We use Laravel to develop advanced web applications or company intranets.

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